I treated myself to a little shopping spree in Basingstoke last week when I met up with my best friend. Among the wide range of shops there are two inexpensive ones which I do not have locally; namely Primark and Tiger.

Here’s what I got: Primark:

Flouncy top – I experimented with this style a little last summer and liked the results so was looking out for some new similar additions to my wardrobe.

Flamingo pants – Do I need any more pants? No. Can I resist a good flamingo print? No…

Cake pj bottoms – I think I must have about 6 cake themed pjs now! I’m addicted to all things cupcakes and have been for the last 4 years.

Soldier dress – I have a small collection of soldier items now so I really couldn’t resist this adorable little dress.

Feather print top – To be honest the cut is a little strange so I’m not sure how to wear it yet. Regardless, I liked the print and bought it anyway.


Sketchbook, printing kit and mini decorative tapes


A couple of late Christmas presents account for the remaining two items in the picture: cupcake candles and a box of Puffin book cover design postcards.

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