A week of lunches

Having food intolerances it means that I can’t just grab a sandwich from my local cafe or Sainsbury’s for lunch. I decided to document a week of lunches.

Firstly I should probably show you what my wonderful lunchbox looks like!

I collect items with cakes or cupcakes on, so when I found this lunchbox a few years ago it was a ‘must buy’ for me.

Onto the lunches…

1. Contents: tuna, olive, raisin and mushroom salad; lime vinegarette, dark chocolate chip muffin (tesco free from range), alpro soya dessert; two plums.

2. Contents: pork and lettuce sandwich made with ‘genius’ bread, apple, apple capri sun, eat natural cereal bar, chocolate muffin (same as above). I have sandwiches once or twice a week usually.

My lunch extras tend to be similar every day, so the following just show what’s in my salad!

3. One of my more adventurous lunches. Asparagus wrapped in cured ham, sweet peppers stuffed with lactofree cream cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, rocket and salsa.

4. Watercress, sweet peppers in oil, potatoes, prunes, beatroot and ham (at the bottom of the container)

5. Potatoes, baby spinach, sweetcorn, tomatoes and peanuts, celery and raisins in a dairy free mayo.

6. Lunch at home is a lot easier with access to a cooker and microwave! Above: Spicy salmon with thai style rice, mushrooms and asparagus.

7. Modified tapas recipe: sweet peppers, olives, chickpeas, tomatoes and ham mixed with white wine vinegar and g/f pesto.

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