Sometimes I envy people with a clear style direction, people who have a love for a particular era or style movement. For example I love Shrinkle’s explosion of kitch and bright colours and Rumi of Fashion Toast has that effortless carefree look down so well. I have been thinking about my own personal style as well as planning future home interiors, which has led me to believe my style direction is currently a clutterfuck.

It all stems from being “over influenced” and inspired… thus leading to a mass of contradictions. This also applies to the place I am in life currently, but we’ll talk about this later.

My hoarding/clutter problem has lasted as long as I can remember. Personally I believe this is partly down to genetics (it can be no coincidence my grandma’s house is a clutter zone). Having so many influences leads me to desire a sample from each, and in addition I have a OCD problem where I cannot just have ‘one’ item ; hence a collection forms. This is also probably why I can’t settle to posting online in one place – I strive too much for perfection and categorisation; which is near impossible when you don’t have a clear direction.

I cannot think of a period in history or even a cultural reference which does not inspire me in some way… and as I discover new sources of inspiration over time my mind generally feels like it’s going to explode. Of course I have my favourites, which will probably stay in my life for a while but these are not yet coherent together. My current dream house would be a georgian terrace town house with interiors of wood, pastels, art deco, classical, oriental and kawaii influences thrown in for good measure. People often say that their style is an expression of their personality, but what happens when your influences are too eclectic to present?

So now I’m at the point where I really need to consider decluttering somewhat to find some clarity in direction. Stay tuned…

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