Links [28/06/2012]

Above: Conquer The Games

Other loves this week: making gluten free crepes, thunder storms, Barry M chameleon nail effects, alpacas, guinea pigs.

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Princes Risborough walk : Ridgeway

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Links [16/06/2012]

Above: Sui He by Cedric Buchet for Vogue China

  • If you love underwater photography check out these by Elena Kalis
  • iPhoneographers – these add ons and accessories from Photojojo may inspire you! I have my eye on that hoya lens!
  • Great tutorial for a DIY galaxy cuff bracelet
  • I am a tiny bit obsessed with these book purses from NovelCreations. If only the shipping costs weren’t so high…
  • Check out these Pear prints. So cute!
  • Creative Review posted about some lesser known publications – brilliant design and illustration.
  • These coca cola Olympics inspired designs are also great!

Small list this week as it was mostly work focused. Other loves: The Walking Dead comic arrived in the post (late birthday present), invested in a camera remote, work birthdays, yellow nail varnish.

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Style file: kink&collar

I received this metal collar necklace for my birthday and since been pondering the perfect outfit for it. I decided that it reminded me of fetish in fashion (see Giles fw2011 etc ).

It’s strange for me to create an outfit around a necklace… but I chose these bondage inspired tights, swede wedges and cut out dress to match the theme.

For makeup I did something I don’t usually do – applied strong lips in combination with bold eyes. It reminded me a little of when I was 18 / 19 and wore black eyeshadow and eyeliner quite frequently. Since then I discovered that I preferred colour, but sometimes it’s good to go back to black.

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Sometimes I envy people with a clear style direction, people who have a love for a particular era or style movement. For example I love Shrinkle’s explosion of kitch and bright colours and Rumi of Fashion Toast has that effortless carefree look down so well. I have been thinking about my own personal style as well as planning future home interiors, which has led me to believe my style direction is currently a clutterfuck.

It all stems from being “over influenced” and inspired… thus leading to a mass of contradictions. This also applies to the place I am in life currently, but we’ll talk about this later.

My hoarding/clutter problem has lasted as long as I can remember. Personally I believe this is partly down to genetics (it can be no coincidence my grandma’s house is a clutter zone). Having so many influences leads me to desire a sample from each, and in addition I have a OCD problem where I cannot just have ‘one’ item ; hence a collection forms. This is also probably why I can’t settle to posting online in one place – I strive too much for perfection and categorisation; which is near impossible when you don’t have a clear direction.

I cannot think of a period in history or even a cultural reference which does not inspire me in some way… and as I discover new sources of inspiration over time my mind generally feels like it’s going to explode. Of course I have my favourites, which will probably stay in my life for a while but these are not yet coherent together. My current dream house would be a georgian terrace town house with interiors of wood, pastels, art deco, classical, oriental and kawaii influences thrown in for good measure. People often say that their style is an expression of their personality, but what happens when your influences are too eclectic to present?

So now I’m at the point where I really need to consider decluttering somewhat to find some clarity in direction. Stay tuned…

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New directions

No this is not a post about Glee! I recently that I wanted to revive this blog a bit… I wanted to write more to explore my personal growth. Future posts will be more textual based, although there will be some photograph posts too as well as sharing links.

I’ll still be posting my project365 on tumblr 🙂


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Above: Branding the US Presidents

Other loves this week: two bank holidays and only having a three day working week, making dairy free raita, a blackbird choosing to nest just outside my porch, the game of thrones s2 finale, hot water bottles for this unseasonable cold spell.

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